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Changing the operations of a Software Company - Part I

02 December 2016

Agile is great… and sometimes painful. Do not get me wrong, I love an Agile work environment when everyone is keen to “Try, Fail, Fix, Learn and Move On”. For those ones that work in the software development space, we have more tasks than develop software.

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Integrate .NET Core, AppVeyor, OpenCover and Codecov

12 October 2016

As a developer, I need to take a good rest at night. In my line of work the only way to achieve it is using an integrated workflow pipeline, aka Source Code Management (SCM), Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Deployment (CD) with some tools in the middle.

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My CISSP journey

22 May 2016

In this post I’m writing about my CISSP journey. For those who aren’t aware of what CISSP stand for, it’s (probably) the most respectful security certification. It’s under (ISC)2 portfolio and you can find more information here.

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