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What I learned from live coding during talks

07 October 2018

Last week, Kenny Baas and I, delivered 2 talks with live coding. We were at NextBuild (with From EventStorming to CoDDDing) and Techorama NL (with Improving design and code quality with Property-based testing).

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When Cake meets NDepend

31 December 2017

As a developer, I'm a big fan of automation. I can't create software where I need to push buttons and run manual scripts, to test & deploy it. To help me automate my software development tasks, I use Cake, "a cross platform build automation system with a C# DSL".

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Learning DDD as a team

10 December 2017

A few sprints ago my team and I decided to invest heavily in Domain Driven Desing. We already started to develop the new microservices in a DDD fashion, with our domain as the central component. However, we wanted to formalize it and move the old microservices to this new paradigm.

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